Presentation Guidelines

Time allotted to each presentation will be as follows:

 E Plenary talk: 40 minutes.

 E Keynote talk: 30 minutes.

 E Invited talk: 20 minutes.

 E Contributed oral talk: 15 minutes.

 Oral presentation guidelines:

 E The following equipment is ready at each session room during IWUMD-2017:
          - LCD projector
          - PC (laptop computer, Windows 10) with PowerPoint 2016 and PDF Adobe Reader DC
Projection laser pointer
 E Please copy your presentation file to the PC equipped in each session room. All the oral presenters are asked to bring their presentation files with own USB thumb drive. It is the presenterfs responsibility to copy his/her presentation file as soon as possible in each session room at any break in advance to the session of presentation. The file must be compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat on Microsoft Windows indicated above.

Poster presentation guidelines:

 E All posters should be A0 format (W84.1 x H118.9 cm) with portrait orientation. Please display the paper title, author names, and affiliations at the top of the poster.